Ghostbusters Why the ghost uneasily taken that Library to suck? Because you have no right to use public fund to buy the writings out of evil doers suck. The good better best not ever to make money out of the formless writing (Because 買房子 writer or writing or publishing for sale, you lost your hot heart out of your words, you lost your right to do the righteous duty that Chinese said "Call.Drew.B.What", not mention to deserve Chinese said "5.Mya 房屋買賣n.Won" title.), all book for sale must made by evil doers like that evilest liars grouped so called "Reader Digest". That how all Chinese ancient writing out of Free of Charge. You US law makers need to make law says that Public 酒店兼職Library must have all books Free of Charge gifted or donated by the publisher, publisher, book store, or whatever name called, must not be allowed to sell anything to any public library, public library buildings lands workers electricity water all must be 室內裝潢 Free of Charge voluntarily, that means, you can have right to refused to work for library, you must have no right to get paid; you have right to reject to provide electricity to library, you must have no right to bill library; you have right to keep your books at your ow 有巢氏房屋n, you must have no right to sell any book to library; you have right to refuse to make any construction for library, you must have no right to do the construction for the library to make living not mention to get profit. You got paid out of public library, you must have to die miserably formlessly 網路行銷 (So that you have no right to keep any form of hate) unspeakably not if but when. This film "Ghosters" was that coward US film maker or makers trying to tell you that they are powerlessly helplessly controlled by real 洋鬼子 gang that headed by Condi Rice in the forms of Anita Hill-Anita Mui (梅艷芳. Her name "Yan. 永慶房屋Huang" tells that "Huang.Sir.What")-Tsai Chin(蔡琴. That may explain how come she dare showed shamelessly making sex talk on stage in front of so many audience.)-Whitney Houston-Angelina Jolie -Sigourney Weaver(Sonia Sotomayor)-Sharon Stone-Sharon Tung(3913 Ridgetop, Plano, TX. 214-3950352 972-5788980; 3425 Sage Brush Tr. Plano, TX 75023 九份民宿971-5961160 972-9859636 214-5961160; 1515 Rio Grande Dr. #1914 Plano, TX 75075 214-4232256; 10309 Ben Flanklin Ct, Matthews, N.C.28105. 704-8462736/8476987/3645151/8477155/8462736); that large wolf-Dog marked as Chinese said 女子-fake man-liar; that small wolf-Dog marked as Chinese said 小人-Little man-evil doer-Liar. They are the "Huang.Whore" liars grouped gan 售屋網gsters gang, that how you need to tell them you are "God" (That may explain how come Chinese "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" Fan [notice: Fan-Fun-方-黃-謊-飯-米-"Ah.Me.陀佛"-Idol] call those "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" fanned by them as "Idol")as the secret code of wolf-Dog.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .
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